Symphony of Life

alright, one last video before work, another bootleg from a show i was at, this one wasn’t shot “professionally” though. All of four years ago i was lucky enough to see Secret Chiefs 3 with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum at a little venue in Ferndale, MI, it was kind of a birthday present to myself and still is one of the best presents i have ever recieved. The whole night was awesome, both bands were just great, and i got to meet and hang out a little with Nils Frykdahl from SGM after their set before SC3 came on. The guy who shot the videos was almost right in front of me, and the gentleman doing the audio bootlegging (which the quality of his recording is pretty good for an audience recording) was sitting right next to me. all in all a great experience which i am looking forward to reliving this august as Secret Chiefs 3 will be back at the same venue, and i will be there again, hopefully right near the bootleggers.